What is the Best Heartworm medicine For Dogs?

As a proud and loving pet dog owner, for sure, you are now aware of the dangers the heartworm disease it poses. But do you know where heartworm came from? Do you any idea where to find the best and affordable heartworm medicine for dogs? You care about your dog, that's for sure and it's only suitable sufficient that you should give some time and sweat and financial venture to find the right medicine before something worse can happen to your buddy.

First of all, heartworms come from mosquitoes. They are responsible for passing these parasites to your dog and almost all other animals, for that matter, from cats, cows, bats, bears and many more. But of all animals, dogs are more prone to this kind of disease, regardless of their age, locale or breed or sex. Now, dream what would your reaction be if your cute, innocent and costly Shih Tzu puppy was later diagnosed with heartworm because of the clear symptoms like loss of appetite, rapid lose of weight, arthritic disease, almost blurred vision, not as enthusiastic or hyperactive as before or loss of lots of fur? It would sure be very devastating for your heart to see her suffering in its tender age. How about an elderly Doberman who used to be very enthusiastic and excited to walk through the park with you every afternoon and you discovered one day that's its condition is deteriorating because of heartworms?

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The most painful and saddest fact about heartworm is, you can never tell if your pet has these parasites, not until you can see some of these symptoms. In dealing with heartworms, you have to think of the word "prevention" 100% rather than "cure".

Prevention is not the same as medicine or cure because of this. There are many kinds of preventive and precautionary measures like pills, topical creams, or chewable while medicine are a combination of pills, injections or your pet becoming an in-patient in your local vet clinic or animal hospital.

Here are some of the preventive medicines that can help you and your dog win the war against heartworms. Iverhart Plus is a prescription drug and they taste like pork liver. Usually, a veterinary doctor will ask you to give this medicine once a month to prevent the increase and plentifulness of heartworms in your dog. It's also best to give to dogs to prevent other kinds of parasites like hookworm or roundworm. But bear in mind, it's a preventive medicine but you should in fact ask the doctor about it for there are some allergic reactions to this and it might even compromise your dog's condition more. He might even die in your own hands rather than in heartworms and other parasites.

Then, there are also some unflavored pills like Heartgard, then, an additional one medicine stylish by Fda is Interceptor. an additional one type which targets fully-grown heartworms in dogs is what they call "Immiticide" which contains melarsomine, an arsenic-based element.

These are just some of the medicines that are productive in getting rid of heartworms in dogs but then, again, you have to put in mind that medicines, if not taken properly or without any doctor's consent or prescription can endanger your lovely pet's health. It's leading you should try to read first more about them and the best recommend thing you can do is go online to read more about how to eliminate heartworms.

As a final note, the bottom line is, no matter what heartworm medicine for dogs you want to choose, always take in notice that your pet's condition is still your many priority. If you go online, not only you will find some helpful data concerning what best medicine to select but you might also get that right medicine right away which can be possibly affordable. Remember, the quality of care you give to your pet is not based on the price but based on the love and care you're giving to him.

What is the Best Heartworm medicine For Dogs?