information For Shih Tzus

The temple dogs of Tibet, for over 2,000 years, the Shih Tzu were presented to the Chinese as gifts. It is notion that these dogs resembled the Lhasa Apso and that in China these were crossbred with the Pekingese - The Shih Tzu (pronounced shidzoo), or "lion dog." A white forehead blaze and tail tip are desired by show people and many others. This breed is lively, loves to go for a good walk, loves people and makes an excellent pet for apartment living.

I have been breeding Shih Tzu's for seventeen years. The things I have learned about them are something I would like to share with you. I call them the cat of the dog world. In a good way. They love to be up high so they can see all things that is going on. They truly believe that they are the center of attention. They can be a slight stubborn, but they will fill your heart with love soon after you meet them.

Shitzu Dogs

I like to keep my dog hair cut down in a puppy cut, which is short hair, but not too short. I also cut the hair back from nearby their eyes. I comb their hair right after a bath with a metal comb. When wet their hair is more elastic and it does not hurt as much. After all we don't want to hurt them!

They want to be with their human as much as potential so they will ensue you everywhere. Yes even the bathroom! They tend to get under your feet so you will have to watch your step. They were bred to sit on the Emperors feet to keep them warm. The Shih Tzu thinks every man who comes to your home has come to see them. If you have a visitor that does not like dogs it is best if they reply your dog is there so that the dog will feel fulfilled.

Shih Tzu's are prone to eye problems. If you consideration a film or cloudiness on their eyes have them treated Immediately. An eye qoute can get out of hand in a short period of time. The medicine I have found to help the most is Gentocin Ophthamic Solution. There is also a salve.

information For Shih Tzus