Shih Tzu Care For Senior Dogs

When your Shih Tzu pup is young you'll need to be rigid and consistent in training and Shih Tzu care in order to properly raise him. But as your dog grows older you'll find that in some cases the rule book should just be thrown out the window as you deal with your dog. You'll have to decide on a schedule that suits you and your dog in regard to many distinct things, along with the numerous questions of exercise.

A young pup might wish a lot of exercise and action to keep them busy and happy, but your older dog will be a minute different. Do not force your dog to walk great distances and when you do exercise with him, make sure and watch him. If he is seeing tired or droopy, carry him the rest of the way home to be sure and not stress your doggie out. Being attentive to your dog's needs is one of the most foremost points to Shih Tzu care.

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Remember that event though your senior dog doesn't need strenuous exercise, he still needs to be kept engaged with games and other fun stuff. Engaging games will help to keep his mind sharp and preclude boredom. Convert your walking routes, give a new toy, introduce a new obedience trick... All these things will keep your dog fresh and engaged.

Your senior dog may wish a minute extra Shih Tzu care to keep him sharp and ready, but using these pointers will put you and your dog on the road to fun-filled activity!

Shih Tzu Care For Senior Dogs