Shih Tzu Training Guide

The Shih Tzu is an very gorgeous dog with long, multi-colored hair. They stand 8-11 inches in height and about 9 to16 pounds in weight. The hair is commonly duplicate coated, one long and other soft and woolly.

Training your Shih Tzu should start as soon as you get him/her home.

Shitzu Dogs

It can be bit difficult as these dogs need lots of petting and praising. It can be time exciting and you need to have lots of patience. This breed of dog respond poorly to harsh and bulling behavior. The Shih Tzu is very much an indoor dog and loves a playful environment. Here are some guides that may help you to train your Shih Tzu.

Always praise him/her for obedience and good behaviour. Schedule the training session before meals so that the dog takes the meal as a reward for the training. Use inevitable reinforcement, which consists of praise, pats, and treat Handle him/her with lots of care and patience and see that the proper message is carried throughout the training session. Start with basic "Sit", "Stay" and "Come" commands that improve the relationship with your dog. Try to socialize your him/her with other dogs, friends and family, and children so as to eliminate the habit of too much barking. Never enlarge the training session more then 10-15 minutes as they may get frustrated with the training session. Always train him/her by yourself to grow a strong bond with him/her.

To make training easier, try to learn more about the breed.

With proper basic training you'll soon observe why this dog is such a beloved breed and you'll have a overwhelming companion over the years.

Shih Tzu Training Guide