Shih Tzu Training - Breaking through the Stubbornness in Shih Tzu Using Dog Obedience Training

It is not uncommon to see gorgeous shih tzus running colse to the ring at a dog show. These small cuties are a base participant in shows because while they have a stubborn temperament, once they pick up on training they excel. Shih tzu training requires some patience and hard work, but the pay off is wonderful. You will get a well behaved pup as the bonus for all your training efforts.

No Need for a Trainer

Shitzu Dogs

Many habitancy think that it is impossible to do shih tzu training without the aid of a professional trainer. This is plainly untrue. Whatever can train a shih tzu if they are willing to take the essential time, learn the right methods and put in the work needed to break straight through the stubbornness of the dog and get to their engaging side that is eager to learn.

The biggest challenge in this training is just getting the dog's attentiveness and getting it curious in training. To do this you have to be gentle. You can't push the dog into doing something. Instead you need to lead her into training and make it seem like something she wants to do. This will help you to bypass the dog's natural inclination to resist being trained.

Behavioral Training

The first steps in shih tzu training is behavioral training. With puppies you have to stop bad habits from forming. You want to stop chewing, begging, barking and all those other habits that will only get them into trouble. To get the message across to your dog about what is proper behavior and what is not you have to be consistent. You can't let them get away with Whatever they are not supposed to do.

Shih tzu training requires a polite hand. You can't use harsh tones or punishment. This will only make the dog rebel and stale the whole training process. unavoidable reinforcement works best. When your dog responds to a command then give her a reward. Ignore bad behaviors and redirect the dog.

Tips of Shih Tzu Training

This training is most engaging because this minute dog doesn't want to take orders from anyone. That is why you have to be unavoidable and patient. Just keep in mind that when your dog finally learns the desired behavior that she will pick it up fast. While the actual training process can take some time, once learned a behavior will stick.

Your dog will love getting extra attention, so use this to your advantage when training. Good behaviors or responded well to commands should get the dog showered with praise. Your dog will swiftly pick up that if they do these unavoidable things that they will get attentiveness and shih tzus love to get attention, so this works in your favor.

Shih Tzu Training - Breaking through the Stubbornness in Shih Tzu Using Dog Obedience Training