Shih Tzu Grooming Tools

To make things a whole lot easier for both you and your pet, you should introduce the opinion of brushes, combs and a quarterly grooming schedule to your canine companion as soon as possible. Even puppies as young as a few weeks old can and should be taught how to get used to a quarterly grooming regimen.

The most basic Shih Tzu grooming tools you would need are dog shampoo, dog conditioner, warm wet cloth, pet nail filer, doggy toothbrush and tooth paste, right metal comb, soft bristled brush, cloth, and a blow dryer. You can use trimming scissors to give your pet an edgier look or to take off preexisting fur matting. But if you plan on entering your pet into a dog show, you should not be using trimming scissors at all.

Shitzu Dogs

You would need: doggy toothbrush, doggy toothpaste, grooming liquid (warm or tepid water will do,) right metal comb, and a warm, wet cloth. These are the tools you would need to groom your pet on a daily basis (for puppies) or on an every-other-day basis (for adult Shih Tzu pets.)

You would also need: a pet nail filer, doggy shampoo, doggy conditioner for long haired pets, and a blow dryer.

Lastly, you should only buy a pair of trimming scissors if you have no intention of entering your pet in dog breed accepted competitions or in case your pet is prone to matting.

If you are not sure as to what kind of canine grooming brush you should buy for your pet, you might want to consequent this guideline: #4F (comb) blades are for short-trimmed dogs, while #30 blades with a #1 comb is for long-haired pets. Dogs prone to matting and tangles would advantage from the use of #5F or #7F blades. These blades are ready in most high-end pet shops. However, a long-toothed metal doggy comb should work fine as well.

One more thing to remember when it comes to grooming Shih Tzus: never try to brush out the tangles in your dog's coat with a comb or brush. This is not only very painful for your Shih Tzu, but pulling on the tangles can also lead to skin tears and other doggy skin. Untangle the knots moderately by hand first and then comb through. If matting is already present, then you need to cut away the matted fur using trimming scissors.

It is also recommended to use slicker brushes in order to take off dead hairs. The slicker brush is also used as a final brush down.

De-Matting Rakes

This tool is recommended in order to take off excess mats from the fur. This is an primary tool for dogs that have a qoute with mats.

Pin Brushes

Pin brushes can be acquired in one or two forms, withrubber-tipped brush prongs and one without. Pin brushes are a brush of preference for dogs with medium sized coats, wire coats, and wavy coats or curly coats. Secondly, pin brushes are a great compliment for dogs with irritant skin.

Pin brushes are also excellent for removing dead hair. Pin brushes are also very sufficient at eradicating tangles found in many dogs with a medium-length coat.

Understanding what types of tools are best for grooming particular dog breeds are imperative. Using a certified dog grooming brush will save time, pain and pain.

Shih Tzu Grooming Tools