Shih Tzu Breeding - all You Must Know

There are many things to reconsider once you begin to think about Shih Tzu breeding. One of the key things that many population who breed dogs of any breed fail to think about is their purpose for breeding dogs. Many puppy mills are created and ran in order to receive a behalf and they care about nothing else. When behalf is the lowest line, the Shih Tzu care is often neglected. It is vital to make sure that you are in it for the right reasons, even though the dollar whole you can make is pretty flashy.

Shih Tzu care is the most important part of getting your dogs ready to breed and there are many reasons for that. When breeders fail to be implicated or pay attentiveness to the care and condition of the Shih Tzu's they plan to breed, there is a hefty price to pay and the dogs and puppies themselves commonly pay that price. When starting out, it is suggested that you breed only one pair at a time so that you can focus all of your attentiveness on them to make sure it goes smoothly.

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When mental about breeding your dogs, you should reconsider Shih Tzu care. Are you able to testify that you truly know the healing and emotional background of your breeding pair? If you aren't able to do this it may be because you have just adopted these dogs in order to partake in Shih Tzu breeding. And while that is fine, you want to know that you are breeding dogs that are not only emotionally garage but healthy as well since the Shih Tzu breed is prone to many distinct illnesses and back problems.

A good idea would be to have your dogs checked out by a vet and talk about breeding them. Ask as many questions as inherent and have a full examination done on the dogs to make sure that they are healthy adequate to proceed. This is very important for the mom dog, as you do not want her to suffer or even end up passing away because she was not able to carry pups. Your vet will be able to give you the okay to hike with that singular pair.

One of the most stressed issues about Shih Tzu breeding is that breeders will not allow the mom dog adequate time to recover from her first birthing experience before trying to breed her again. Puppy mills are predominant for neglecting their dogs in this manner. Give her the time she needs before trying again and once you have the hang of Shih Tzu care and breeding, you could perhaps bring in someone else female so that the two take turns breeding. This way, you can continue to share the love of Shih Tzu puppies with others but still keep tabs on the mental and corporal well being of your dogs.

And one the most important things to do is to make sure your adult dogs are getting proper nourishment while the whole process, just like a human female would have to do while her pregnancy. Even though you are always cautious of the dogs diet, you want to be extra meticulous while this time, as it is vital to her salvage and the condition of her pups. Talk with your vet about what extra diets or even maybe vitamins that you would want your female to take.

Shih Tzu Breeding - all You Must Know