Puppy Adopting-Think Twice When Someone Offers Puppies For Free!

You've decided you, or you and your family, should adopt a puppy as your next family pet. When you check with local dog breeders, you're dismayed to hear what they charge. You know enough to avoid pet store adoptions when the dogs may come from puppy mills, but then someone says they know of someone getting rid of puppies for free ...Let's face it-we all love a great deal. And compared to what they want for pure bred dogs, especially any popular puppy breed, at first glance this sounds like the perfect solution for your next family pet-but is it?

In some cases getting puppies for free is a smart move, and you'll be happy with your decision for years and years to come. But you could be haunted by the decision for some time too if you're not careful about it. I know many peopleare looking for small dogs for adoption that you have to wonder why someone would be giving away spitz, pugs or shitzu dogs. Most people adopting a puppy aren't necessarily looking for purebred dogs, so even those with mixed lineage still command a fair dollar. And the same goes for medium size dogs like beagles, although the biggest demand is for the smallest dogs. So why give puppies for free?

Your first concern is for the animal's health-and if you can't find out it's lineage you don't know what medical traits and concerns are endemic to the dog breeds in your prospective adoptee. Further, has the dog been neutered or spayed? Has a qualified, licensed Veterinarian examined this cute little dog to make sure parvo, heartworm or other common puppy diseases aren't present? Doeshe or she even have a flea collar? Not all puppy diseases are evident to the untrained eye, or even to a professional standard lab tests without, etc.

Another concern when adopting a puppy is what training, if any, has been given and what socialization has been given? Are they used to being held by and playing with children? Have you ever been involved in training puppies or house-breaking them? Are you sure an older dog might not be a better choice for your family-at least one old enough to already be trained?

Shitzu Dogs

And if you don't know the puppy breed, it's had to be sure of the puppy temperament-or what it will develop into as the dog matures. Do you have young children in the house, or plan to one day? If so, you need to ensure that the family pets and the entire householdwill be able to cohabitate successfully!

Yes, on the surface free dog adoption-especially getting puppies for free-seems like an ideal situation. But in truth, paying out what it takes for a dog or a dog shelter adoption society like an ASPCA adoption or an RSPCA adoption may turn out to cost a lot less in terms of money, grief and time. So think twice when offered when someone is giving puppies for free and consider whether you wouldn't be better with a humane society adoption-and whether a puppy adoption is right for your situation or if you should be adopting an older dog.

Puppy Adopting-Think Twice When Someone Offers Puppies For Free!
Puppy Adopting-Think Twice When Someone Offers Puppies For Free!