miniature Shih Tzu - Half the Size, double the Price

Let me warn you. If you think a wee Shih Tzu is going to cost you less because they are small, think again. Yes, they eat less and you may save a dollar or two on their food bill, but their price and the price you pay to your vet will quickly erase this saving.

But then again, novelties in life cost money.

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The price you pay for the dog

Miniature Shih Tzu are more costly than the quarterly size Shih Tzu and for good reason. It is simply a matter of supply and demand. Small dogs have fewer puppies than bigger dogs, and in wee breeds one or two puppies per litter is not uncommon. This, the fact that wee Shih Tzu puppies want a lot more attentiveness than a quarterly Shih Tzu and the fact that it is more difficult for a wee Shih Tzu breeder to cover his cost, cause less breeders to go into the breeding of the wee version. The breed is also not recognized by the American Kennel Club or the American Shih Tzu Club as a cut off breed, which originate even less of an incentive.

Vet fees

Nature has a tendency to eliminate the weak, thereby increasing the opportunity of the offspring to survive. However, instead of the stronger puppies, the smaller and weaker puppies of litters have been used to breed the wee Shih Tzu. By breeding with the weaker dogs, we are going against the laws of nature and should expect more condition problems. That is easily the case, and problems such as brittle bones, diarrhea, problems with blood sugar levels, and problem teeth are not uncommon.

All is not lost. The following are things you can do to sacrifice your vet bill.

1. The first thing, and in my belief the most important, is to buy from a reputable Mini Shih Tzu breeder. A good breeder will have no problem to supply you with a written guarantee, as he has trust in his dogs. Money sharks on the other hand will not supply you with a guarantee, as they do things like underfeeding Shih Tzu to keep them small, breed with weak and unhealthy dogs, sell you very young puppies so they appear small and sell the smallest puppy of a quarterly Shih Tzu litter as a miniature; the list goes on. Just remember that although you significantly sacrifice your risk when you buy from a good breeder, the risk is still much higher than with the normal Shih Tzu.

2. Look where you go. The bones of a wee Shih Tzu are brittle and if you step on them or they fall from a couch, they can break their bones, so be careful.  citizen with very small children should also think twice before they buy one, as children can easily hurt a wee Shih Tzu due to their small size.

3. Measure their climatic characteristic frequently. For a start feel the ears. The ears should be warm and if the ears are cold the puppy run a big risk of getting chilled. You can also put your finger in the puppy's mouth. It should feel warm. If in any doubt, use a thermometer.

The cost you pay for your dog is nothing compared to the price a puppy pays as a result of bad breeding. In many cases they pay with their life - pick your puppy carefully.

miniature Shih Tzu - Half the Size, double the Price